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Clarke Quay and

the riverside area is a prime nightlife and entertainment locations. There are several Clarke Quay hotels plenty of Clarke quay restaurants and bars, clubs and there is a Clarke quay boat for a sightseeing trip. Some Restaurants and bars are right over the river, about 60 meters off the riverside is a piazza with open air live music every evening, style is form salsa to rock, from Chinese music to Latino, plus plus, its a very busy nightspot. Several Clarke Quay Hotels invite to stay plus a MRT Singapore station to travel to other spots on the island.

Up market chic clubs

with live music entertainment and myriads of restaurants offer diverse food, there is also a weekend flea market. The Quay together with the new Singapore casinos is probably the prime entertainment area. There are several Clarke Quay hotels including a budget hotel. Its high life until very late and shows clearly that the Lion City made a transformation from a rather dull place until about a decade ago into a bustling Asian entertainment place.

Most visitors who are searching for trendy nightlife will sooner or later visit Clark Quay, if they do it rather sooner than later they have a good time more early. There are at least 2 dozen restaurants along the riverfront and at the buildings behind. The whole food variants from Chinese restaurants, Thai, Spanish, Italian and plenty of other are available and amazingly its not as expensive. If you want to visit a expensive restaurant, its there, plenty of them, but if you are rather on a budget its also there, plenty of them, they even have a Hooters where the girls run around in hot pants, reminds me somehow at Patpong Bangkok.

Nightclubs and bars are full with Singapore visitors and locals. The Quay has been renovated sometime ago, before simple tables where placed along the river front,

now there are stylish round constructions with integrated table and seating part of them is hanging over the water. As you

can see at the pictures you could also make a boat tour on the Singapore River, the place is open from morning until midnight this runs along Clarke Quay and the waters around.

The Tourism Board plans to have a 24 hour operation along the whole riverfront by 2015. Presently its more or less the best nightlife spot when the nightlife girl business is not included. If you are a male individual traveler and want to do have some short time fun better use the SMRT to Aljunied Station and have a short walk towards the 81 Star Hotel, thatís a left turn before the Shell Petrol Station there are about 10 parlors where you can look for a girl and visit one of the hotels nearby, girls are also standing at the roads there. These Singapore hotels have such strange hotel names like fragrance hotel, 81 hotel, ruby hotel etc. Hotel rates are from S$ 20,- upwards for short time.

This Singapore hotel deals

are also for normal business and offer some of the best hotel deals in the city, e.g. at the 81 star hotels at you get a room from S$ 60,- per night from Sunday to Friday and at the weekend for S$ 70,- and more, the hotel rooms are not large but everything functions good. Plenty of shops and restaurants are open 24 hour. Since the Aljunied area is low level "red light" district even the girls hang out at the road until 6am.

Another reason why it makes sense to consider staying in a hotel around here is, this is real Chinatown you probably wont find a other quarter in Singapore with such a genuine mix of Chinese restaurants, food courts

Clark Quay Singapore
Clark Quay Riverside
Clarke Quay Singapore
Singapore Clarke Quay center right

tattoo parlors and pretty girls who try to give you a good time. There is also something positive on this subject, the "hanky panky" business is not illegal here, means no problems.

Singapore Entertainment with live Salsa Music
Singapore Entertainment at Clarke Quay
Clarke Quay Restaurant and Bar Alley
Restaurant and Bars Alley
Clarke Quay Indochine Restaurant at Singapore
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Clark Quay Singapore

Clarke Quay Chinese Restaurant Singapore
Chinese Restaurant

Clark Quay Restaurant Dashboard
Clark Quay Chinese Restaurant at the back front
Chinese Restaurant

Clark Quay Hawker selling ice cream
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Clark Quay Visitor
Stylish Restaurant at the backfront
Stylish Restaurant

Clarke Quay Boat
Boat Quay


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